DisplayitCases.com Layout Options for the Brass Plate and Medallions. Purpleheart Wood - Diamond Flag Case

Purpleheart is an exotic wood from Central and Northern South America. It has a beautiful reddish brown and purple color.

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$ 650.00


Second Medallion to the right of the brass plate for Option #3

You enter your plate information when you check out.  You get 3 lines with 26 letters on each line.

Every Flag Case includes a plate with the year it was made and my signature.  The plate is attached at the bottom out of sight.

Every Flag Case includes an Engraved Brass Plate or two.  Three lines with 26 letters maximum on each line.

You enter the plate information at check out.

Military medallions are also included with the “Diamond” and “Heirloom” flag display cases.

With the “Diamond” flag case you choose the memorabilia area felt color.

All Flag Case Options are included in the price.

It takes 15 separate pieces of solid 3/4” wood jointed and glued together with 28 hardwood biscuits, just to create the solid wood frame of the Diamond flag case.  

The case is routed in four separate locations on the case which includes recessing the back frame for the back panel.

My design allows you to replace the glass front if it is accidentally broken, most cases don’t.

I route in a keyhole and screws are used on the back so the Diamond flag case will hang flat against the wall.

I use veneered plywood for the back of the case.  This and all of the shadow boxes will hang on the wall

Exotic Wood Diamond flag cases are finished with three coats of high gloss polyurethane on the natural wood.  No Staining.

Option #3


Same or 2 different medallions

Option #2

Medallion and Brass Plate

Option #1

Plate Only

Option #4


Purpleheart Diamond memorial flag display case shadow box with military medallions and brass plate. Casket flag case with military medallions and brass plate The one of a kind Design

This Diamond flag case includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Your Certificate will be signed by me and the signature embossed with my Displayit LLC seal.

The certificate will be dated and a photo of your flag case will be displayed on the certificate as well.

Instructions and Certificate of Authenticity included Testimonials Zebrawood - Diamond Flag Case for the Memorial casket flag

Just want to say thank you for making such a BEAUTIFUL flag case.This was the second one I ordered from you. Two years ago I had one made for my father's flag in OAK that was his favorite. This one is for my husband's flag in mahogany. It is by far the best ever. It will truly be a HEIRLOOM in my family Thank you, Kathleen Brunjes

Hello Rick:
I just wanted to let you know that I received your flag case yesterday via UPS. It was absolutely beautiful !!! Your craftsmanship is both noted and appreciated !!!! THANK YOU !!!!

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