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TM Diamond Flag Display Case with Military Medallions and Brass Plate DisplayitCases.com Diamond Flag Case with Military medals comes with Brass Plate and Medallions Purpleheart Diamond shadow box with military medals Medallions and brass plate

My Flag Case Displays come in beautiful oak, cherry, maple, birdseye maple, curly maple, walnut domestic woods.  My Exotic wood flag display cases come in bubinga, blood wood, Brazilian cherry, padauk, purpleheart, lacewood, wenge and zebrawood.   My handcrafted veteran flag display cases are exceptional in quality and beauty. All of my flag cases are made by me in the USA. I creates these for  a way to display the beauty of our nation’s flag and to honor those who have faithfully served our country. I also offer the military medallions and brass plates for an excellent compliment to a loved one’s memorial.  My flag display cases are also called,  the honor flag case, the eternity flag case, the traditional flag case, the vice presidential flag case, the capitol flag case, the heritage flag case the patriot flag case, the burial flag case, the monument flag case, the memorial flag case, the funeral flag case, the keepsake flag case, the everlife flag case, the veteran flag case, the military flag case, the army flag case, the navy flag case, the air force flag case, the marines flag case, the grand flag case, the American flag case, the red white and blue flag case, the flag box, the flag shadow box, the flag display box the American flag box.