$ 250.00


Choose Medallion to the right of the brass plate for Option #3

Enter your plate information when you check out.  You get 3 lines with 26 letters on each line.


Your flag case will lay flat against the wall when hung because the back is screwed in place and a keyhole is routed into the frame.  I don’t use plastic clips to hold the back on or outward protruding hangers.

keyhole used to hang the flag case

The frame is routed in 4 different areas. Twice on the front frame and twice on the back frame.

A plate comes with every flag case I create that includes my Logo, Signature and  Year your case was handcrafted.  

The plate is attached to the bottom of the case and is not seen when the case is displayed.

It takes 9 separate pieces of solid 3/4” wood jointed and glued together with 24 hardwood biscuits, just to create the solid wood frame of the Heirloom flag display case.  

The case is routed in four separate locations on the case which includes recessing the back frame for the back panel.

My design allows you to replace the glass front if it is accidentally broken, most cases don’t.

I route in a keyhole and screws are used on the back so the Diamond flag case will hang flat against the wall.

I use veneered plywood for the back of the case.

All of my flag cases come with a brass plate screwed to the case with my logo, the year it was handmade and my signature engraved on the plate.

Option #1

Plate Only

Option #3


Same or 2 different medallions

Walnut Curly Maple Red Oak Cherry

Birdseye maple is a rare and mysterious characteristic found in hard maple.

$ 295.00


Choose Medallion to the right of the brass plate for Option #3

Enter your plate information when you check out.  You get 3 lines with 26 letters on each line.


Layout Options for the Brass Plate and Medallions.

Option #2

Medallion and Brass Plate

Option #4


Military Funeral Flag Case Hand Crafted Solid Cherry Flag Case by Rick

Every Flag Case includes an Engraved Brass Plate or two.  3 lines with 26 letters maximum on each line.

You enter the plate information at check out.

Military medallions are also included with the “Diamond” and “Heirloom” flag display cases.

All Flag Case Options are included in the price.

Every Flag Case includes a plate with the year it was made and my signature.  The plate is attached at the bottom out of sight.


If you don’t see a wood type you want, just  email me and I will try and get it for you, Rick



Good morning Rick,

The case arrived yesterday, “THANK YOU”, it is beautiful!

Your workmanship is superb, online photos don’t do it justice. Once in hand it is obvious why the cost is higher than those “run of the mill” cases.

I will be taking it to my mother next week, “she will love it”. She has told me she already has it’s place ready on her living room mantel, where it will remain until that time in the future when it will return back my home and it’s place of honor here.

Thank you again,


Birds Eye Maple Heirloom Flag Display Case

Veteran military memorial burial flag display box cases for the funeral flag presented by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Police and Presidents.  Each custom flag case is hand crafted out of 3/4” solid wood.  The Diamond and Heirloom flag cases have been individually handcrafted by the designer and owner since 1979.  These shadow boxes have been created one at a time and not in an assembly line mass produced.  You are getting a work of art flag case not made in china flag box.  My flag cases are found at Displayitcases.com, DiamondFlagCases.com, HeirloomFlagCases.com, FlagCase.com and MemorialFlagCase.com  My triangle flag case or better know Heirloom flag case has a one of a kind design used to display military medallions and brass plates.  The flag case named Diamond  has a display area for military medals, purple heart, silver star, bronze star, national defence, good conduct, WWII medal, sharp shooters pins, marksman pins, ruptured duck pin, dog tags, Patches etc.  The front of the flag case also has a place for military medallions recessed into the wood along with one or two brass plates with the loved ones name, dates and anything you want to put on it.  The funeral flag case is designed for the burial flag that is draped over the casket.  I guarantee each and every flag case to your satisfaction and so far I have not had anyone return a flag case because they didn’t like the craftsmanship.  It is an honor and a privilege to be able to create flag cases for the men and women who have served our country. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Flag Case shown with Cliff’s shell casing display stand he crafted.  Very nice creative design. Thanks for sharing the photos with me and the rest of the world.


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