DisplayitCases.com Flag Cases by Rick, the Designer and creator of your flag case.  No assembly line here, made in the USA and not Mass produced in China. Custom exotic and domestic wood military memorial flag display case shadow box

Every Flag Case includes a plate with the year it was made and my signature.  The plate is attached at the bottom out of sight.

Every Flag Case includes an Engraved Brass Plate or two.  Three  lines with 26 letters maximum on each line.

You enter the plate information at check out.

Military medallions are also included with the “Diamond” and “Heirloom” flag display cases.

With the “Diamond” flag case you choose the memorabilia area felt color.

In 1997 I was asked to make a simple triangle flag case but I wanted to create a work of art that was worthy of the men and women who served our country.  So I started drawing different designs for the memorial flag case.  

After drawing about 20 different  flag case designs I thought about combining the burial flag case with the service awards, photos, shell casings, dog tags etc. and came up with the artistic design shape of the Diamond Flag Case and the rest is History.

In 1997 my Dad was retired and started helping me cut pieces and do some sanding on the flag cases.  

He was helping me with the flag cases until he passed away in 2008.  I miss him and think of him often, especially when I am creating the Diamond and Heirloom flag cases.  

He will always be with me when I create every flag case, in my memories and my heart.

This website is dedicated to my Dad, Clarence “Carp” Carpenter.                            

“The One-of-a-kind Designs” All Flag Case Options are included in the price. All Flag Cases come with instructions








my name is

  I am the owner of Displayit LLC and creator of the one-of-a-kind “Diamond” and “Heirloom” flag cases.  I have been hand crafting every flag case for over 19 years.  No assembly line, just craftsmanship in the U.S.A.

  Each flag case is custom made and comes with engraved brass plate, one or two 1.5" military medallions recessed into the front frame and your choice of wood type.  For the “Diamond” Flag Case you also choose the color of felt for the area below the flag used to display medals, tags, pins, shells, ribbons, photos or other items.

  Below is my current estimated time for construction before shipping.

You custom create the Diamond flag case by choosing the wood types.  Made in the USA Order Diamond flag cases by Displayitcases.com.  Made in the USA

The Currant list of Domestic wood for the Heirloom Flag case is: Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, Birdseye Maple and Curly Maple.

Exotic wood Diamond flag cases by Rick.   Made one at a time by the creator of the one of a kind Diamond and Heirloom flag cases.

The Currant list of Exotic wood is: Brazilian Cherry, Bloodwood, Bubinga, Paduak, Purpleheart, Lacewood, Wenge, Zebrawood and a Wenge/Zebrawood Combination flag case.

Exotic Wood Memorial Flag Case with military flag box for veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guards and Coast Guards.

U-Design Diamond flag case gives you the option to choose any type of wood you want for the front frame, center section, back frame and the flag support.  Choose domestic and or exotic wood.  

You design the flag case.

Custom Military Burial Flag Boxes using three different types of domestic and exotic woods.  You choose the type of wood. Custom created, made in the USA by the owner and creator of Diamond and Heirloom flag cases.

The Stars-N-Stripes Diamond flag case has a front and back frame made of Pakuak wood that comes from Africa and the Middle Frame is made of Maple wood from the U.S.  

Flag Display Cases with a Stars and Stripes Patriotic look custom made with Maple and Paduak wood.  The one of a kind design. Heirloom Military Burial Flag Case for veterans come with Brass Plate and Medallions. Custom made with several wood types to choose from.

The Currant list of Domestic wood for the Diamond Flag case is: Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple and Butternut.

Maple - Diamond Flag Case Butternut - Diamond Flag Case
Custom exotic and domestic wood flag cases

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Zebrawood Bubinga Wood

Bubinga is an exotic wood from Central Africa. It is initially pinky-red, but darkens with age.

Padauk is an exotic wood from West Africa that is a bright orange or almost crimson wood when freshly cut, but oxidizes to a darker, rich purple-brown over time.

Zebrawood is an exotic wood native to the Western African countries of Cameroon and Gabon. It is a hard wood, with a medium to coarse texture. The Zebra-like appearance is due to the light colored sapwood in contrast with the dark colored grain.


Bloodwood is an exotic wood found in South America that is sometimes referred to as cardinal wood.


Lacewood is an exotic wood from South America that is light reddish-brown.

Purpleheart is an exotic wood from Central and Northern South America. It has a beautiful reddish brown and purple color.

Purpleheart wood

If you don’t see a wood type you want, just  email me and I will try and get it for you, Rick


Wenge is an exotic wood from Africa with a natural growth range of the open forests of Zaire, Cameroon, Gabon, the southern regions of Tanzania, and Mozambique. It is also found in the swampy forests of the Congo region.

Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry, when first milled is a tan/salmon color w/black striping which turns a rich deep red color over time.

Wenge Wood Birds Eye Maple Heirloom Flag Display Case Domestic Wood - Birdseye Maple Domestic Wood - Walnut

Flag Display Cases are used to preserve and display the American Flag in honor of a deceased military veteran, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard,  firefighter, police officer, or dignitary and even the police dog. Each year more than 650,000 flags are presented to military personnel and their families in honor of dedication and service to their country.

The Flag display cases or sometimes called the flag boxes or flag shadow box, Memorial flag case, burial flag cases and flag case, are also used for displaying flags having historical and or memorable significance like flags flown over capitol buildings commemorating birthdays, special events, personal honors and special achievements.

Every year our men and women of the armed forces, police, fire department, presidents and other public servants work hard to protect the USA. Flag cases are given for serving their country. Flag Display cases come in many different styles, but all reflect the same sentiment, that all should be proud of both their service to America, and to the flag that they have served. Although flag cases are a great way to remember a departed servant of the USA, loved ones need not wait until then. Flag cases also make a deeply personal and warmly sentimental birthday or Christmas gift that will make anyone's day. Once someone see these flag cases, they are sure to be filled with the thoughts of exciting memories that they cannot wait to share.

Our Flag cases are the perfect way to preserve, protect, and proudly display these cherished memories. Commemorative flags measure 3' x 5' or 4' x 6'. Flag cases are designed to fit one size flag case, so it is important when choosing your case to know the size of your flag.  

Diamond Flag cases are ideal for current or retired military or other uniformed service people and can also be used to display medals and other items of memorabilia such as medallions, coins photos, pins, citations, badges etc. Flag cases also make for good gifts or for use at flag retiring ceremonies. Diamond Flag cases are a great way to display, preserve and protect cherished memories.

 Flag cases are usually made of different types of wood such as oak, walnut and special woods like zebra wood, purple heart, mahogany, koa wood, maple, teak etc., and come with a glass or acrylic front to protect the flag and other items. Our Flag cases come with engraved brass plates on them
The typical memorial flag (casket flag) measures 5' x 9.5', however flag sizes do vary.

Consider Displaying your flag case on a pedestal that way, by elevating the flag and flag case you focuses the attention to the flag. A variety of beautiful pedestals are also available for the flag cases that can be personalized the names, dates and a service emblem. Engraved plates can also be attached, with an adhesive back, to the flag case itself.

One of the most popular choices with veterans is our Heirloom triangle flag case. These flag cases come custom made with a Medallion of whatever branch of the military the veteran was in.

flag cases are usually purchased by families of military veterans, but certainly not everyone. Flag cases are also available for Police, fire fighters, Boy Scouts, and anyone who would like one. These come in oak, walnut, cherry and other types of wood, and come with red, black, blue and green felt backgrounds. Our flag cases will be custom made to fit your specifications.

When a departed's family receives their flag, they may wish to get a flag case. This is not the only time that one can get a flag case. These flag cases are also a great birthday or Christmas present. As the veteran sees this, he will no doubt know how much his family appreciates all of his hard work in the military, with their gift of a flag case. He may also reflect, when he sees the flag, on the sacrifices that he has gone through to protect the country that it stands for, and he is likely to love America even more.

The Diamond Military Flag Case is also known as a Shadow Box, Shadow Boxes, ShadowBox, ShadowBoxes, Flag Boxes, Flag Box, FlagBox, FlagBoxes, Casket Flag Case, Memorial Flag Case, Shadowbox, Flag Display Case, Burial Flag Display Case, Burial Flag Case, Custom Flag Case, Heirloom Flag Case, Exotic Wood Flag Case, Display Case, Funeral Flag Case, Military Flag Case, Army Flag Case, Navy Flag Case, Air Force Flag Case, Marines Flag Case or Box, Memorial Flag Box, Memorial Shadow Box, Burial flag Box, Burial flag Shadow Box, Casket Flag Box, Casket flag Shadow Box or Casket Flag Shadowbox.  All of my flag boxes come custom ordered to your specifications, wood types such as Bubinga, Bloodwood, Brazilian Cherry, Butternut, Domestic Cherry, Lacewood, Maple, Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Paduak, Purpleheartwood, Red Oak, Walnut, Wenge and Zebrawood.  I create each and every flag case myself.  You get a certificate of authenticity with selected Flag cases and every case comes with a plate with the year it was created.  Each work of art that I create is guaranteed or your money back.  

Veteran military memorial burial flag display box cases for the funeral flag presented by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Police and Presidents.  Each custom flag case is hand crafted out of 3/4” solid wood.  The Diamond and Heirloom flag cases have been individually handcrafted by the designer and owner since 1979.  These shadow boxes have been created one at a time and not in an assembly line mass produced.  You are getting a work of art flag case not made in china flag box.  My flag cases are found at Displayitcases.com, DiamondFlagCases.com, HeirloomFlagCases.com, FlagCase.com and MemorialFlagCase.com  My triangle flag case or better know Heirloom flag case has a one of a kind design used to display military medallions and brass plates.  The flag case named Diamond  has a display area for military medals, purple heart, silver star, bronze star, national defence, good conduct, WWII medal, sharp shooters pins, marksman pins, ruptured duck pin, dog tags, Patches etc.  The front of the flag case also has a place for military medallions recessed into the wood along with one or two brass plates with the loved ones name, dates and anything you want to put on it.  The funeral flag case is designed for the burial flag that is draped over the casket.  I guarantee each and every flag case to your satisfaction and so far I have not had anyone return a flag case because they didn’t like the craftsmanship.  It is an honor and a privilege to be able to create flag cases for the men and women who have served our country. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Home of the One-of-a-Kind “Diamond & Heirloom” Flag Cases Flag cases created one at a time by the designer.  Get a unique one of a kind design made by the owner of the company and no one else.

The Currant list of Exotic wood is: Brazilian Cherry, Bloodwood, Bubinga, Paduak, Purpleheart, Lacewood, Wenge and Zebrawood.  

I offer a Wenge/Zebrawood Combination flag case and a Wenge Back Frame, the Center Frame is Walnut and the Front Frame is Cherry.  

I call it the Rainbow flag case

Custom exotic and domestic wood flag cases Click Here to order Strar-N-Stripes Diamond Click Here to order Exotic Wood Heirloom


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